Prescription Safety Eyewear

Ensuring employees are safe in the workplace is essential for all employers, and prescription safety glasses are now part of the protective equipment expected to be provided. All prescription eyewear safety eyewear must comply with AS/NZS 1337.6.

Requirements include;

  • frames must have non -removable side shields
  • frames must be of a minimum size
  • frames and lenses must be marked with indicators to verify the standards are complied with

We partner with Hoya and Bolle to provide the best quality prescription safety glasses available. Bolle safety frames are tough and lightweight. They include both metal and plastic frame options. Hoya lenses are made of tough Phoenix material, which are the only safety lenses resistant to common industrial chemicals, and are available in a full range of lens options including progressives and light sensitive. The most important consideration of any safety frame is the fit which is why we hold a full set of safety frames in house and all your employees  undergo a complete measurement and fitting service before they start wearing their new safety spectacles. We work hard to ensure you and your staff receive the best products and the best service, all at a great price.