Corporate Eyecare

Our Corporate Eyecare Programme ensures you and your staff have excellence in eyecare.

As an employer, you will recognize that any business’s greatest asset is its workforce. Caring for the health of your employees eyesight is crucial for their optimal performance and visual comfort at work. Taking steps to look after their eye health is just another way to ensure that you are an employer of choice.

A business with 20 staff is the minimum business size applicable for membership. Our Corporate Eyecare Programme provides employees the opportunity to purchase eyewear and eye care services at reduced costs at no cost to you the employer. We are happy to support you the employer with our programme

Membership Benefits for Employers and Employees

  • no administration costs to the employer
  • full eye examinations are charged at the corporate rate
  • on going discounts off all spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses  and accessories
  • on site screenings for your staff
  • participation in Health Awareness Days at your business

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