Childrens Eye Exams

Are you concerned about your Son or Daughters eyesight?

Learn more about eye examinations for children at TAURANGA EYECARE.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health recommend children have their eyes examined
  • At 6 months old
  • At 2 years of age
  • When starting school

Children’s eyes change more rapidly than adults, and regular examinations will help to ensure that your child is wearing the appropriate corrective lenses, ensuring their visual system develops to its full potential – regular eye examinations for your child also help to ensure that any vision issues are detected at an early age.

Childrens Eye Exams at TAURANGA EYECARE include:
  • Assessment of your child’s ocular health for your piece of mind
  • A full colour vision and depth perception assessment
  • Testing and prescribing of any spectacles required
  • Binocular vision analysis

Our childrens eye examinations are approximately 45 minutes in duration and have a cost of $60.

We include standard hard coated plastic lenses from Zeiss in the cost of all new frames for children and school age students

Your child’s eye exam and glasses could be FREE

If your child is 15 and under, and you have a community services card (or a high use health card) then the NZ government would like to step in and help. Learn more about the government’s glasses subsidy on our blog.

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