Looking For An Eye Exam In Tauranga?

October 2, 2013

Find out what’s included in your eye examination.

A ‘sight exam’ is the most basic form of vision testing, and the results will simply tell you if you would benefit from wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Whereas a full eye examination is an assessment of your vision and the health of your eyes.

Read on to learn more about eye exams:

According to the NZ Optometry Association, full eye examinations take at least 30 minutes and should include:

  1. Questions about your medical history
  2. An assessment of your internal eye health, including retina, optic disc, and blood vessels
  3. A slit-lamp assessment of your external eye including lids and lashes
  4. An assessment of your colour perception as some general diseases affect colour vision
  5. Examination to assess glaucoma including a measure of the pressure in each eye
  6. An assessment of visual functions including any refractive error
  7. Tests of your eye muscles to check they move and co-ordinate properly
  8. A visual field test to check for blind spots caused by eye disease
  9. An assessment of each pupils function and response
  10. Discussion about the best options for you and your eyes
  11. Recording all of above in your clinical records

About Eye Exams at Langford Callard Tauranga

All of our Eye Examinations:

  • Cover the 11 point checklist shown above
  • Are 45 minutes in duration
  • Have a cost of $69 dollars (or $55 for students)

For the majority of clients we will also recommend optional digital retinal photography, which is the capturing of high resolution images of your retina. This is considered the gold standard of care within optometry and has a cost of $30.00.

Aside from our 11 point eye exam, why else should you choose us?

5 reasons to choose Langford Callard Tauranga for your next eye examination

1. The best technology

We’re the only optometrists in the BOP to have an Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT).

This piece of equipment takes high resolution (MRI quality) scanned images of your retina and the anterior segment of your eye, helping us identify, document and track any changes to your eye health. This allows accurate referral decisions to be made to an ophthalmologist (eye specialist) in need.

2. Free parking

Our customers can park for free at the nearby Farmers car-park on Elizabeth Street, Tauranga. Just ask us for a 1-hour parking concession ticket at your next appointment and we’ll validate your ticket.

3. We’re local

We’re locally owned and operated, meaning we can offer the best products available, and don’t have to answer to a head office. Learn more about our team.

4. One hour service

We can prepare new single vision lenses within just 1-hour, perfect if you need glasses quick smart. We also have our own on-site technician for any frame or lens repairs. Learn more about our workshop services.

5. Children’s subsidy

If your child is 15 and under, and you have a Community Services card, then your eye exam is free. Learn more about the government spectacles subsidy.


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