How Polarised Lenses Work

April 25, 2013

A polarised lens works like a venetian blind, only allowing light in at a certain angle, so the eye gets the light it needs to focus for crisp clear vision. Just like a filter for sound, this is a filter for vision.

Ordinary sunglasses although protecting from ultraviolet, do not provide sun glare protection, only polarised
lenses do. While sunwear often is considered a seasonal accessory, sun glare protection is required all year round. Sun glare (also commonly called “sun strike”) is harshest when reflected off roads and vehicles, making for dangerous driving conditions.

Polarised lenses also provide 100% UV protection and are available in single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses.

Polarised lenses are the lens of choice if you;

  • Drive in the early morning or late afternoon when glare is worst
  • Squint into the sunlight or use your hand to block glare from the sun
  • Experience eye strain/sore, dry or gritty eyes after being in the sun
  • Are an active sports enthusiast, especially water sports

Langford Callard Optometrists are pleased to offer the Sun Rx programme which includes designer sunglasses such as Nike, Calvin Klein, Guess, Gant and Nautica. Utilising the latest in lens glazing technologies, most sunglasses can now have prescription lenses fitted in all lens types.

We also have the extensive Adidas range of fashion and sport sunglasses. Many of these have the option of a Performance Insert for prescription lenses. These sunglasses are also excellent for contact lens wearers as the insert can be removed.

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