Do You Suffer From Weepy Eyes?

June 11, 2013

If you are constantly wiping your eyes, you know that watery or weepy eyes are incredibly annoying.

And aside from the annoyance factor, weepy eyes can also cause blurred vision, making life difficult!

Six questions to ask yourself if you have weepy eyes

  1. Are you having an allergic reaction?
  2. Pollen, dust and hay fever are all common causes
  3. Are your eyes dry?
  4. It sounds crazy, but dry eyes can lead to the over-production of tears
  5. Is there something in your eye?
  6. Grit, dust or steel shavings are all common offenders
  7. Are your eyelids changing?
  8. Eyelids tend to droop or sag as we age
  9. Do you have conjunctivitis or blepharitis?
  10. We can help to confim your diagnosis if you are unsure
  11. Do you have an inturned eyelash?
  12. Lashes can sometimes grow toward the eye, causing irritation

Whatever the cause, don’t let weepy eyes drag you down

We help hundreds of people in Tauranga each year with weepy eyes, and we’d love to help you too.

Come in and see me (Celia) at Langford Callard, 40 Elizabeth Street Tauranga (or call us on 578 6413).