Bird Vision

March 15, 2013

The saying, a ‘bird’s eye view’ takes on a whole new meaning when we realise just how amazing a bird’s vision really is!

Did you know:

Birds have the largest eye’s (relative to their size) within the animal kingdom.

A bird’s eyes account for about 15 percent of their head’s weight, whereas our eyes account for only about 1 percent of our head’s weight.

Birds have the fascinating ability to see in binocular and monocular vision.

This simply means birds eyes work together as a pair to see straight ahead, but each eye can also see independently of the other eye – now wouldn’t that be handy for us humans!

The eyesight of birds of prey is 3-4 times sharper than ours.

Eagles can spot rabbits from several miles away, while hawks and buzzards often scan the earth from a height of 10 -15,000 feet looking for tasty rodents!